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Malmö Guided Tours offers a variety of unique experiences to suit every traveler. Solo or in a group, discover the perfect tour for you in Malmö and the scenic Scania region. Unforgettable adventures await!

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Malmö is a modern and vibrant town that is the capital and hub of Southern Sweden. Being Danish for 400 years until conquered by Sweden, Malmö was once the second biggest city in Denmark and is still today Copenhagen’s sister just across the narrow Øresund strait, of which the old town still tells.
2 hours
Malmö Central station

Malmo Private Bike Tour

See malmö on a bike! We will take you to places a bit from city and get to know malmö a little bit more….
Malmö Skyline
2 hours
Malmö city

Guided walking tour Malmö City

Discover the Swedish town of Malmo during this 2-hour tour with an audio guide. This is a guided walking tour in Malmö….
2 hours
Hyllie, Malmö

Guided walking tour Malmö - Hyllie, Group

Get to know the newest area in Malmö Hyllie. Here we have a huge connection to the rest of europe and a very exiting area…
2,5 hours
malmö city

Guided Food tour Malmö city

A stroll in Malmö city with all the new and old parts. This will definitely be enjoyable. We will serve you some lunch from the…
2,5 hours
Hotel Quality view Hyllie, Malmö

Guided food tour Malmö Hyllie Group's

Take part of the new city in Malmö. You will also get som really good lunch with local food and drink…
2 hour
Stortorget Malmö, Sweden

The traces of old Malmö, groups

This is a historical walking tour through malmo’s old quarter…

star rating  Rekommenderar! - Jättebra guidad tur av Malmö! Intressant och rolig då man får veta saker om Malmö man aldrig hört om innan. Att den görs på cykel gör att man får se... read more

avatar thumb elsab1992
August 19, 2024

star rating  En mycket innehållsrik tur med kunnig och bra guide. Kändes som man hann se många olika delar av Malmö och man fick veta mycket man inte visste - trots att... read more

avatar thumb Anna T
January 1, 1970

star rating  vi är en grupp Malmö stad anställda som tog denna guidning som sommar aktivitet. Petra gav oss en trevlig rolig och kunskapsfylld eftermiddag. Kan varmt rekommenderas

avatar thumb margareta j
January 1, 1970

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Malmö is also a city with pulse, interesting building structure, exciting migration with different cultures, a history that extends slightly back in time with different connections. We have art, food and not least the future. What do you want to know about Malmö?

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