Turning Torso


Malmö is a modern and vibrant town that is the capital and hub of Southern Sweden. Being Danish for 400 years until conquered by Sweden, Malmö was once the second biggest city in Denmark and is still today Copenhagen's sister just across the narrow Øresund strait, of which the old town still tells. The town is however not a place of nostalgia, and the hopes of the future is ever present in Malmö's great work of modern architecture.

On this tour we walk about Malmö to see the sights and hear the story of town. Your guide meets you at your location and takes you around the central parts of Malmö.


To book your tour, email us at info@malmoguidedtours.se

Information about the tour
Duration 2 hours
Starting point Anywhere in central Malmö

Swedish or English. For other languages, get in touch and we can usually find a guide.